Tuesday, December 21, 2010


What a wonderful night!

   Everyone had a great time tonight at ECC-- even the residents were singing! The whole Akoustikos gang was so excited to be playing again at this nursing home. Everything went wonderfully-- except for the fire alarm going off. Thankfully, there were no real issues, and the program was a success. The Group was able to "mingle" with the residents a bit after the show. It was so delightful to hear all the different stories that they told! Many of the residents that were there used to play guitar, also.  When asked what was their favorite part, they all replied, "All of it!"

ECC is definitly one of the Akoustikos' favorite places to play! Thank you so much Christine for the venue!

Legend's Cafe Pictures!

WOW! What a night!

   Everyone had a blast at Legend's Cafe! Lots of friends and family gathered for some great food, and fun! Here are some of the pictures from that night...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Lebanon Daily News

The Akoustikos group  were featured on the front cover of the Lebanon Daily News!

  During the Lindin Village show yesterday, a L.D. News photographer took several pictures that you can view on the Lebanon Daily News' website... Check it out!

Here's the link:


    Go to ldnew.com, then scroll down until you see Media Center: Today's Photos. Click on the Akoustikos picture!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Good Times at Lindin Village!

What a blast!!

   The residents and the Akoustikos Group had a wonderful time during the show and Christmas Party! After the group "strummed and picked" a few of their favorite tunes, Santa stopped by for a vistit! The Akoustikos "Elf" helped usher in Santa's arrival! So, while Santa was handing out gifts to the residents, the group took a little break to enjoy the party, cookies, and hot chocolate.  But Santa could not stay long! The Akoustikos own "Elite Force"-- older students-- played two Trans-Siberian Orchestra melodies to get the show started again! At the end of the show, the residents got involved with the performance by singing to a few more "well-loved" tunes!

What a great group of people!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

NEW-- Opportunities!

 The Akoustikos group may perform a special show-- After Christmas!

     A group of very special people at the V.A. will be hosting a New Year's Eve party for their residents.  After discussing show dates with the V.A. Entertainment Coordinator, the Group was asked if they could perform for this special occasion!

     Stay "tuned"... more to come!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Come Join Us!

  Akostikos will be making one public appearance this tour! Come join us at Legend's Cafe! 

Monday, December 6, 2010

In Full Swing!

The show at Cedar Haven was a success!

We were able to perform our entire set-list, and gave the residents an hour show! What a privilage it was to perform for those dear people! Well, since Cedar Haven was our first stop on our 2010 tour, Akoustikos is now in full swing! Check out the side bar for up-coming gig stops!