Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More from Marty's Music Store!

Even though the summer tour has officially come to a close, Akoustikos hopes you enjoy these pictures from their gig at Marty's Music Store this past August. 

Remember to click each image to view them larger! 

This is what the stage looks like right before a show.

The audience sits back and enjoys!

The Akoustikos Guitar Orchestra

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lebanon Valley Brethren Home: More Pictures


Paul Zerman conducting the orchestra

Performing the Beatles hit song "Penny Lane"

The group performing Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt"

Performing "Under Pressure"

 Akoustikos members doing what they do best!

Lebanon Valley Brethren Home of Palmyra

    What a wonderful time everyone had at the Lebanon Valley Brethren Home!

      This was Akoustikos' first time performing at this home, but that did not stop the residents from filling the room! Many friendly and smiling faces eagerly anticipated the start of the show. But many more were in attendance. The Akoustikos concert was aired on the home's television system, so residents in their rooms could be a part of the event. And what an event it was! The start of the show featured the Entertainment director officially announcing the group to the audience. Akoustikos began the show on a high note with a unique version of Beethoven's 5th. The residents really enjoyed the program. Their attentiveness and involvement in the program was amazing to see. This was truly a great way to end the summer tour: sweet, yet bitter nonetheless. Every beginning must have an ending.... Cliche, yet true. 

         Here are a few pictures from the event:

Akoustikos: ready to perform!

"tuning up"

"The Elf"

Performing Beethoven't 5th

Lights shining on the stage as the show progressed

focused students

Country Meadows: Pictures!

Here are some great pictures from both shows at Country Meadows:

"The Elf" explains his attire to the residents during the show 

Watching the conductor

Performing "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash

Performing "Daydream Believer"

Turning pages for the next song


a few members are preparing for the first song

Getting sheet music in order for the song "Beethoven's 5th"

"The Elf" re-tunes his guitar to an alternate tuning  for the next song in the set list

Country Meadows: Clips

Ever wonder what it takes to prepare for an Akoustikos concert?
Ever wonder what set-up and sound check look and sound like?
Here is a little "peek" at Akoustikos right before a gig: 

Country Meadows: Thoughts

Whew! What an amazing experience! 

    The Akoustikos Guitar Orchestra was given the great opportunity to perform at a few new places this season, and an even greater chance to perform two shows at the same home! Since Country Meadows of Wyomissing was comprised of two buildings, the group was asked if they could perform their concert in both  facilities. Of course, the group jumped at the chance...

     The group was able to chat and mingle with the residents before each show, and what an amazing bunch they are. One of the orchestra members was able to have a wonderful conversation with one lovely resident before the first show. But it was the ending remark of the resident that will be the most remembered, and no doubt the most cherished:

      "I want to thank you for coming.... You have new clue what this means [for all the residents]!"

Wow. The group did not even pluck a note yet. Maybe it was the anticipation and excitement of something huge, or the lively feeling and activity that consumed the lobby that day. Or maybe she knew it was for her, and for the other residents there. It is for the people that the Akoustikos Guitar Orchestra performs for, and it is for that reason Akoustikos performs. 

   I hope she knows. She will not be forgotten.


ECC of Myerstown

     Akoustikos was greeted by a very full auditorium at ECC! The group was able to mingle with some old friends, and meet many more new faces. This is just one of the many reasons why the group enjoys touring the Homes so immensely! Everyone truly had a great time, and the group is always thankful to perform at ECC. What a great way to jump start the summer season!

     So,  for this event, the orchestra tried some new things, which proved to be a success! Right away, the Akoustikos road crew went straight to work on setting up a new sound system. After a quick sound check, the show commenced. The group received some great feedback, and everyone really enjoyed the show! Here are a few pictures from the event:

an Akoustikos performer preparing for the show

conductor and director Paul Zerman helps one of his students "tune up"

getting ready for sound check

"The Elf" double checks his set list and tuning before the show

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Marty's Music Store Gig: The Pictures!

Check out some of these great pictures from the Marty's show; courtesy of Miss Olivia!
You can click on the images to see them larger:

♪ The Akoustikos Guitar Orchestra ♪

Marty's Music Show

     The Akoustikos tour has just begun, now that the group has performed their dress rehersal for Marty's Music Store in Annville. There was a great crowd gathered up in "The Loft" to hear the 2012 summer program. Akoustikos opened with "Ring of Fire," a popular Johnny Cash number. Akoustikos was happy to work this hit tune into their program, after receiving a "Special Request" from a wonderful ECC resident. The program also included some hits by the Beatles, and a "favorite" from the late Davy Jones: Daydream Believer.

  ***Akoustikos' next show will be held at ECC (of Myerstown) Saturday, August 11th. Please check out the side bar on the right of your screen for more information about this, and all future shows.

♫♪ Thanks! ♪♫