Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Country Meadows: Thoughts

Whew! What an amazing experience! 

    The Akoustikos Guitar Orchestra was given the great opportunity to perform at a few new places this season, and an even greater chance to perform two shows at the same home! Since Country Meadows of Wyomissing was comprised of two buildings, the group was asked if they could perform their concert in both  facilities. Of course, the group jumped at the chance...

     The group was able to chat and mingle with the residents before each show, and what an amazing bunch they are. One of the orchestra members was able to have a wonderful conversation with one lovely resident before the first show. But it was the ending remark of the resident that will be the most remembered, and no doubt the most cherished:

      "I want to thank you for coming.... You have new clue what this means [for all the residents]!"

Wow. The group did not even pluck a note yet. Maybe it was the anticipation and excitement of something huge, or the lively feeling and activity that consumed the lobby that day. Or maybe she knew it was for her, and for the other residents there. It is for the people that the Akoustikos Guitar Orchestra performs for, and it is for that reason Akoustikos performs. 

   I hope she knows. She will not be forgotten.


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