Friday, December 30, 2011

Announcement: New Show!

  Akoustikos will be performing at "The Willows" today at 4:00 pm. 

 A special thanks to the facility's entertainment director for securing a time for us to perform! Thank you!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Christmas Eve Show at Twin Oaks Nursing Home

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Akoustikos! This year has really been a great time in Akoustikos history! The group could not have had such a prosperous tour without all the wonderful staff and residents at each facility. The group would like to thank each and every venue for the opportunities that they have given the group. Thank you! 

 Today, Christmas Eve, marked a truly remarkable time for the group: the chance to perform for a special group of people on a very special day. Today, Akoustikos had the amazing chance to perform their Christmas set list at Twin Oaks Nursing Home. What a truly special time! Zane Z. delivered his original narrative to start the show. As always, Akoustikos chimed in with a song, and the string section sounded their voices with them. All the residents had a truly great time!

Have a blessed Christmas!

Akoutikos is at it again!

The group is pleased to announce that they will be adding another show to their tour this season. 
Akoustikos will be performing at The Willows of Lebanon! 

More information to come!

Cedar Haven Gig

Thank you to Cedar Haven of Lebanon for a wonderful show! 

This was the second year in a row that Akoustikos was able to perform for the awesome residents at this home. With the group's new set list and program, the residents were really getting into the Christmas music. Olivia M. filled in for Zane Z. with the narration for this show. 

The Akoustikos group would like to send a "Special Thank You" shout-out to Carl for all the work that he did with the PA system for this show. Akoustikos was heard loud and clear! 

Stay tuned for some great pictures from this gig!

Country Side Christian Nursing Home Show

What a great bunch of wonderful people! Many residents joyfully spent their (almost!) lunch-time hour listening to Akoustikos perform their show in the facility's chapel area. Everyone had a great time. As is the Akoustikos custom, the group spent some time talking to the residents after the show.

The group was thrilled to be able to spend the early afternoon with all the 
residents and staff at Country Side Christian! 

Marty's Music Store Gig

A wonderful crowd came to see Akoustikos perform at Marty's Music on the 16th. The seats filled very quickly to standing room only! Akoustikos performed an extended set list, with a short intermission by Alyssa M. and her string section. 

A special thanks to the Marty's Music Team for all the wonderful support they have given to the group!
Thank you! 

Please check back soon for pictures from this gig!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ronald McDonald House Performance

Akoustikos was welcomed by some wonderful folks at the Ronald McDonald House!

The group performed their program, with Zane Z. delivering his original narrative. It is always magical  when the crowd responds to the story and music with laughter and taping to each tune.

Thank you all for a wonderful time!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Elmcroft Celebration!

Today marked the first time that the Akoustikos group performed for the wonderful residents at Elmcroft!
Everyone had a great time at the show on Dec 10th! 
Akoustikos even  had a guest speaker. Olivia M. filled the role of  narrator, for this one performance. During the show, the residents were tapping their feet and humming along to the sounds! Alyssa M. lead her students in a few songs for a brief intermission. After the performance, everyone enjoyed refreshments of
cookies, lemonade, and iced tea.

Friday, December 9, 2011

More Legend's Cafe Photos

Here are more great photos from the performance at Legend's!

Zane Z. Narrates His Original Story for  the Program

Akoustikos Performs for the Crowd at Legend's Cafe

Carla Z. Playing Her Guitar

Akoustikos Performs "The Christmas Song"

Akoustikos Director Paul Zerman Conducts the Group
These photos are courtesy of the Lebanon Daily News.
Thank You!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Photos from Spang Crest

Here is a look inside Akoustikos' second performance of the 2011 tour: Spang Crest!

The Director Conducting the Orchestra

The Group is Getting Ready to Play the Next Song

Legend's Cafe Pictures

Well, here they are!
Check out these photos from Akoustikos' cafe performance:

The Group Performing a Song

The Akoustikos Director Paul Zerman Announces the Group

This is Everyone, Including the Akoustikos String Section
 and Zane Z., Akoustikos' Writer and Narrator

Some of the Akoustikos Project Leaders

And That's "a Wrap!"

Legend's Cafe Performance Video

  Here is a great video of the Akoustikos performance from their gig at Legend's Cafe.

 Video is courtesy of the Lebanon Daily News. Also, here is the link to the article from the Lebanon Daily News:

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Spang Crest Performance

 Today marked the second tour-stop in the Akoustikos 2011 tour. Their destination?  Spang Crest.
   After their first performance at this nursing home over the summer, the group knew that it would not be their only visit to this wonderful, caring facility. After  the residents arrived to hear the show, Zane Z. opened the program with his story. Just like their performance at Legend's Cafe, Akoustikos chimed in with their many songs, as the string section rang their voices. After the program, the group and guests were able to visit with the residents.


Legend's Cafe Performance

 Well, Akoustikos is officially in their touring season!

   The group gave a wonderful performance to a great crowd at Legend's Cafe on December 2nd. Akoustikos opened the night with a classical Beethoven arrangement. After the introductions of the group and guest musicians, the program began  with the beginning of an original narrative, written by Zane Z., an author and playwright from New Covenant Christian School. The story was accompanied by the musical talents of Akoustikos, and guests: the string section!  Alyssa M., an instructor at Marty's Music Story in Annville, gathered some of her bright young students to fill the string section. Mallory T., of Akoustikos, and guest artist Madison M. also added to the string section.

     While Akoustikos is a guitar orchestra, they are always looking for different, unique ways to enhance each performance. Besides guitars and the string section (which consisted of violins, violas, and a cello) a wonderful saxophone solo and drum harmonies can be heard in this year's show.

  But don't take my word for it! Akoustikos still has one more public show. This performance will be at Marty's Music Store. Please see the side tool bar for more information.

  Please stay "tuned" for photos from the Legend's Cafe Performance!