Friday, March 16, 2012

"Cirque de Reve"

Check out this exciting poster from "Cirque de Reve!" 

Light and sound for each performance of Cirque de Reve will be provided by Sound Advantage.
For more information about Sound Advantage, please visit their website at: 

"Cirque de Reve"

Zane Zerman, the writer and performer of the Akoustikos narrative, is 
getting ready for his original play debut!

   The show will be performed on March 23rd, and 24th at New Covenant Christian School. 

Here is the address to the school:

452 Ebenezer Road, Lebanon Pa. 

Akoustikos is Back!

      After a very successful Christmas season, Akoustikos is now preparing for an other summer tour. Their first time preparing for a "non-Christmas" tour was the summer of 2011, when the group was asked to perform at the Harrisburg Forum. And the group was invited back for 2012! 

          Please check back soon for more tour stops and times!