Saturday, December 3, 2011

Legend's Cafe Performance

 Well, Akoustikos is officially in their touring season!

   The group gave a wonderful performance to a great crowd at Legend's Cafe on December 2nd. Akoustikos opened the night with a classical Beethoven arrangement. After the introductions of the group and guest musicians, the program began  with the beginning of an original narrative, written by Zane Z., an author and playwright from New Covenant Christian School. The story was accompanied by the musical talents of Akoustikos, and guests: the string section!  Alyssa M., an instructor at Marty's Music Story in Annville, gathered some of her bright young students to fill the string section. Mallory T., of Akoustikos, and guest artist Madison M. also added to the string section.

     While Akoustikos is a guitar orchestra, they are always looking for different, unique ways to enhance each performance. Besides guitars and the string section (which consisted of violins, violas, and a cello) a wonderful saxophone solo and drum harmonies can be heard in this year's show.

  But don't take my word for it! Akoustikos still has one more public show. This performance will be at Marty's Music Store. Please see the side tool bar for more information.

  Please stay "tuned" for photos from the Legend's Cafe Performance!

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