Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lebanon Valley Brethren Home of Palmyra

    What a wonderful time everyone had at the Lebanon Valley Brethren Home!

      This was Akoustikos' first time performing at this home, but that did not stop the residents from filling the room! Many friendly and smiling faces eagerly anticipated the start of the show. But many more were in attendance. The Akoustikos concert was aired on the home's television system, so residents in their rooms could be a part of the event. And what an event it was! The start of the show featured the Entertainment director officially announcing the group to the audience. Akoustikos began the show on a high note with a unique version of Beethoven's 5th. The residents really enjoyed the program. Their attentiveness and involvement in the program was amazing to see. This was truly a great way to end the summer tour: sweet, yet bitter nonetheless. Every beginning must have an ending.... Cliche, yet true. 

         Here are a few pictures from the event:

Akoustikos: ready to perform!

"tuning up"

"The Elf"

Performing Beethoven't 5th

Lights shining on the stage as the show progressed

focused students

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