Wednesday, July 20, 2011


      At the Harrisburg Forum, Akoustikos director Paul Zerman was awarded the Crescendo Award for his outstanding work with youth in the arts. Zerman's dedication for teaching and music is nothing short of astounding!

  Here is what some Akoustikos members had to say about their instructor:

  "For me, Akoustikos has been a great experience! I got to meet some really wonderful people. Even though sometimes we were not totally prepared for a show, it is a blast. I also enjoy playing for nursing homes because they really enjoy it and it gives you a nice feeling. It is also nice having Paul as our conductor and teacher because he can really help us, and he is just great to be around sometimes."
~ Sincerely, Devyn

     "Being in Akoustikos has meant so much to me. Not only has it advanced my playing ability, it has also helped me to be able to play in front of an audience. In some of the same ways-- such as my playing ability-- I have greatly advanced under the guidance of a great teacher like Mr. Zerman. He has been an excellent guide from when I learned my first chord, till now when I can play awesome rock/blues songs."
~That's alot of typing for an elf, Zach

      "I have enjoyed performing with Akoustikos. I don't like to play by myself in front of an audience, but it has been fun playing with the group. Thanks Paul, for this opportunity!"
~ Isaiah

     "It means alot to me to be a part of the Akoustikos and have Paul as my teacher. I dreamed of being a well-known guitar player, and Paul is teaching me alot of ways to play a guitar. It really helps my confidence performing on stages with the Akoustikos. Without Paul, I could have never done all these things."
~Thanks! Blaine

      "Thanks Paul for being such a great teacher and a great instructor for Akoustikos!!"

      "Being a member of Akoustikos has been an incredible journey. I have learned so much from the experience! Because of Akoustikos, I am able to do many musical things  that I never thought I would ever get the chance to do. When I was asked to be a part of this (Paul likes to call it his "crazy idea"),  I could not help but say "yes" to the occasion. I had such a desire to do something with my guitar, and this was my chance. Being a part of Akoustikos has broken the chains nerves had on me. Through playing at the many nursing homes the group is able to do, I was able to unlock the door I had been trying to get through for so long. I love sharing my love of music with others, and now I feel as if I fully can!

     The other exciting thing that Akoustikos has allowed me to do is to utilize my love of music theory. It is so interesting, and fascinating to me that different musical works can be arranged, and edited to work in a classical guitar setting! As I look back on the whole Akoustikos experience, from beginning to present, I am truly inspired. Inspired to try, and reach higher than I thought I could ever reach. For that, I am forever thankful, and blessed.

     But none of this would have been possible if not for the group's founder, director and teacher, Paul Zerman. His passion and love for the art of music is nothing short of infectious. He not only taught me how to be a "guitarist," but also a musician.  He can take an exceedingly difficult topic, and explain it in such a way that I can understand easily. For me, his lessons in music theory have unlocked a  whole new world for me-- a world that I never want to stop exploring. 

    Through Akoustikos' entire career, Paul has been dedicated one hundred percent to helping me, and all of his students, achieve far above every wild dream any of us could muster. He believed in us before we did ourselves, and proved that success can be achieved in music. I am beyond grateful that I could be a part this group. I would have never gotten this far in my musical journey without the team-effort of Akoustikos, and one extraordinary guitar teacher who dared to achieve his "crazy idea!"

Thank you Mr. Zerman for all you do!

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