Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Harrisburg Forum Re-Cap

     On Sunday, July 17th, Akoustikos performed at the Harrisburg Forum for the "Celebration of Children" event. I must say, that the entire day was nothing short of spectacular!

Upon arriving at the Forum, each member of Akoustikos made their way back-stage to their designated dressing room, where they waited until their curtain call. In the mean time, the group tuned their guitars and warmed up by playing a select song from the set list. After Akoustikos received their cue, the group made their way to the Forum stage. It was time.

The crew placed each chair and music stand with care, and with a quick drum adjustment, the group took to their seats. A member of Akoustikos' brother, introduced the group with a wonderful speech. With every member in place, the program started under the careful direction of the Akoustikos conductor, Paul Zerman. Akosutikos played two songs for the "Celebration of Children" event. But Akosutikos was not finished!

The group played several songs during the intermission of the "Celebration of Children" event.
Check out some of these Photos taken by Eric during the whole event!

There will be more photos and "gig highlights" to come!

Here is Akoustikos' string section-- A new addition for the summer tour!

Akosutikos Director Paul Zerman leads the group through a song.

Akoustikos performing "JailHouse Rock."

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